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On Explorify’s web shop, you can book motorcycle rentals at 15% - 25% lower prices than our competition, depending on which bike, dates, and locations you book. Furthermore, we are different in the way that we believe in honesty, openness, and transparency. And we want to help you get the best deals!

Thus, we want to explain why you get different rates displayed on our webshop, depending on which dates/time periods you book. Please check out our price model & book your rental when you get the lowest rates!

Check out our great deals!

Brand Guarantee

Secure your preferred motorcycle brand for only $149 with the Explorify Brand Guarantee.

Brand  & Model Guarantee with 200% Cashback!

Secure your preferred brand & model for only $295. If we don't deliver, you get 200% cash back!

The Explorify advantage

Best model Variety

We offer the widest model range in the market; Harley-Davidson, Indian, BMW, Honda, Triumph, KTM, and more. You’re welcome.

No Hidden Fees

We will not add any hidden fees to your rental bike or tour (e.g. environmental fee, surcharges, concessions fees, peak season surcharge, etc)

Best Price Guarantee

We guarantee You the best price, usually 10%-20% lower than our competitors. We will match any competitive offer. Contact us at your convenience.

24-hour Roadside Assistance

Which provides Our roadside assistance and towing by an approved vendor.

Nationwide USA Locations

We offer one-way rentals to/from the most popular USA locations.

Professional, experienced staff

Our rental experts have years of successful experience. You will be in good hands.

Our most popular tours

Historic Route 66

Historic Route 66, Westbound & Eastbound. Driving Historic Route 66, affectionately known as “the mother road,” is an exceptional journey that offers several compelling reasons to embark on this iconic…

15 days

North West Tour

NorthWest – The Cowboy Tour The Northwest “Cowboy Tour” is an amazing ride across America’s Great Northwest. The tour starts in Los Angeles and ends in Chicago. We ride over…

19 days

Great Lakes Circle & HD Anniversary 2023

The Great Lakes Circle Tour heads north into Canada traveling around the five Great Lakes: Michigan, Erie, Ontario, Superior, and Huron. Plus, you’ll have the once-in-a-lifetime experience of checking out the infamous Niagara Falls. This tour will start with a ride to Wisconsin then up to Minnesota where you’ll cross the border into Canada. You will experience the curves and turns and views of riding near the historical lakes.

14 days
Canada, USA


We have partnered up with Xpress Motorcycle service

Xpress Motorcycle service is the fastest way to service your motorcycle at the highest technical standards by certified mechanics. Simply bring your bike to us, and we will service your bike while you wait in our lounge. Or by appointment, we will pick up your motorcycle, service it and deliver it back to you. Check it out


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