Got a burning question about our motorcycle rentals? Here are some



Explorify will not promise customers specific bike models, but always seeks to deliver model class.

Once you complete your quick rental check-in at our location, one of our team members will provide a comprehensive orientation of your rental motorcycle. The orientation will include a thorough damage and safety inspection, as well as detailed instruction on features, engine starting and cutoff procedures, location of braking, turn signals, emergency flashers, stereo operations, saddlebags, cable and disc locking procedures, location and storage of the motorcycle registration, and much more. Be sure to ask as many questions as you need to feel 100% comfortable and confident with your motorcycle before you start your journey.

If the motorcycle is available on those dates, yes you can. Please call a reservation specialist (800) 395-0591 ext. 1 to make suck arrangements.

We encourage our customers to return their rentals during business hours to close out their reservation and avoid additional charges that may occur when a motorcycle is unaccounted for. Custom pick-up or drop-off of the vehicle may be scheduled.

Please check with your personal auto insurance company to confirm whether your policy will cover any or all damage to the motorcycle. You are required to use our insurance.

Yes, we do. Roadside Assistance Coverage provides towing and roadside assistance by an approved vendor if your motorcycle becomes inoperable. Your benefits include emergency road service towing (within 30 miles of occurrence), emergency fuel delivery (up to 2 gallons) and jump start services. If you purchase Roadside Assistance, we will waive the cost of any approved tow or road side assistance service up to the amount of $400 USD per incident. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information.

  • When an accident occurs, first make sure that you are in a safe area away from traffic. Next, contact the local police (dialing 911) and complete an accident report. An accident involving bodily injury must be reported to the police in the community in which it occurred. If another party is involved in the accident, please ensure that the other party’s contact information is included in the accident report and kept for your personal reference because that information will be required to complete an Explorify accident report. You should then contact Explorify’s 24-hour roadside assistance at 1-800-234-1353 if you purchased this option if not contact the customer service department by phone (800) 395-0591 ext. 2 or by email [email protected] .
  • Next, if your rental was in the U.S., print and complete an Explorify accident report. You’ll need Adobe Reader to view the accident report form. Please ensure that the entire form is completed to ensure there is no delay in the processing of your claim. Once completed, fax the form, along with any accident reports from local or state authorities. For further information regarding an accident claim, please call the customer service department by phone (800) 395-0591 ext. 2 or by email [email protected]
  • If you didn’t purchase LDW, you are responsible for any and all loss or damage to the car resulting from any cause including but not limited to collision, rollover, theft, tire damage, vandalism, seizure/medical condition, flood, fire, hail or other acts of Nature. In this case, you should contact your personal auto insurance company and establish a claim for damage. If you are renting with a major credit card, you may want to contact their customer service department to determine if coverage is afforded through their collision program. You do not need to wait to receive our claim documents to report your claim to your personal insurance company and/or credit card company.

Ensure that you get the other party’s contact information, so we may pursue them and/or their insurance company on your behalf for damages. Please note that our pursuit of the other party does not absolve you from your contractual obligation to pay for the damage.

At the time of rental, the counter agent gave you a rental agreement and, in the jacket of your agreement, you will find an accident/incident report form; or you can download the form here. Please maintain a copy of your completed Accident/Incident Report for future reference.

You are responsible for payment of any parking, toll and moving traffic violations along with a reasonable administrative fee, so please drive safely and observe all ordinances. Payments for these violations may be processed by a designated agent for this purpose.

  • Before contacting our claims department, please ensure that you have submitted an Explorify accident report. (You’ll need Adobe Reader to view the accident report form.) Complete the entire form and email the form, along with any accident reports from local or state authorities, at [email protected].
  • After you have emailed your accident report form, if you need further information regarding an accident claim, please call (800) 395-0591 ext. 2 or e-mail [email protected] at any time.

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