New Zealand Aotearoa

18 days
Difficulty Level
New Zealand
4600 km

New Zealand Aotearoa

Discover the thrill of an adventure tour in New Zealand, a top destination for travelers worldwide. Famed for its diverse attractions, New Zealand appeals to both those craving excitement and nature enthusiasts eager to explore the country’s stunning landscapes.

Begin an unmatched journey, venturing through New Zealand in the comfort of your chosen car or motorcycle. Look forward to an exhilarating trip on exceptional roads, passing through breathtaking landscapes that capture the essence of this magnificent country. This carefully planned tour features distinctive attractions and reveals natural wonders so extraordinary they must be experienced to be truly appreciated. Ready yourself for an unforgettable adventure as we traverse New Zealand’s premier motorcycle paths, guaranteeing a comprehensive experience of the marvels this tour has to offer. This is your chance to witness the unparalleled beauty and adventure that New Zealand provides, ensuring memories that will last a lifetime.


Motorcycle/Car rental w/unlimited milage
1st choice vehicle model class
Shared room in biker-friendly hotels
Continental breakfast at most hotels
Entrance fees Nat. parks
Welcome meeting
Multi-lingual Tour leader
Transport to rental company
Support van w/ luggage
State min. SLI insurance
Loss damage Waiver
Half-shell helmet
Tour PDF w/route description.
Pictures from the tour
NOT Included
Optional attractions
Vehicle model guarantee
Security deposit for LDW
Food and beverages
LDW Zero & insurance upgrades
Anything not listed in “Included” above



Day 1: Departure - Arrival Aukland

Wlcome to New Zealand!

Upon the arrival of all tour participants, we convene for a welcoming meeting complemented by refreshments, initiating introductions. This session is dedicated to discussing the details of your tour across New Zealand-Aotearoa and your accommodation in Auckland. We will also delve into practical matters and preparations concerning motorcycle and car rental procedures. The evening is designed to foster camaraderie among participants, culminating in a communal dinner that celebrates Kiwi culinary traditions.


Day 2: Auckland

(Fun and explorer day)

Our day in Auckland promises an adventure in a city where everyone is just a half-hour away from stunning beaches, captivating hiking trails, and a plethora of enchanting islands. Blessed with a sunny climate, a rich tapestry of Polynesian culture, and a fervent love for exquisite food, wine, and shopping, Auckland offers a diverse range of experiences from high-end designers to vibrant street markets. Take this opportunity to explore the city’s varied cafes, restaurants, and nightlife, and enjoy the scenic spots at Viaduct Harbor, Wynyard Quarter, and Parnell.

A highlight of the visit is the Auckland Sky Tower, standing tall at 328 meters, making it New Zealand’s tallest man-made structure. It boasts breathtaking views extending up to 80 kilometers in every direction. Ascend in a glass elevator to one of its three impressive viewing platforms, or seek thrills by participating in the Sky Walk around the 192-meter-high pergola or taking the Sky Jump from the tower. Indulge in fine dining at Peter Gordon’s The Sugar Club, or enjoy a coffee or light snacks at Sky Café. For a unique experience, dine at “Orbit,” Auckland’s 360-degree rotating restaurant. The Sky Tower remains one of New Zealand’s premier attractions.


Day 3: Auckland - Whangamatā

(Driving day 1: 301 km/188 miles)

Our journey through New Zealand begins with excitement as we mount our bikes, ready to embark on the adventure that stretches before us. Auckland fades into the background as we set our sights eastward, venturing into an experience rich with tradition, winding roads, stunning natural landscapes, breathtaking coastlines, and sheer enjoyment. Our first stop is at the Coromandel TOP 10 Holiday Park for lunch, nestled near the Coromandel Forest Park. This area offers a wealth of outdoor activities, from leisurely walks and mountain biking trails to exploring historical gold mining sites. Additionally, the town boasts one of the region’s premier shopping centers.

Our journey continues along the picturesque east coast, with multiple stops to soak in the awe-inspiring natural beauty, before we reach our evening destination in Whangamatā. Renowned among Kiwis as one of New Zealand’s finest beaches, Whangamatā is celebrated for its excellent surf breaks and safe swimming conditions. Its unique blend of beach, sun, bush, and a laid-back village atmosphere attracts New Zealand holidaymakers to its ocean beaches and saltwater estuaries, making it a beloved aquatic playground. Beyond its natural appeal, Whangamatā is also known for the Beach Hop, an annual event that revels in the nostalgia of the ’50s and ’60s, showcasing the culture, music, and vehicles of that era.


Day 4: Whangamatā – Rotorua

(Driving day 2: 173 km/107 miles)

Continuing our enchanting journey along Route 25 toward Rotorua, renowned for its bubbling mud pools, geysers, and natural hot springs, as well as its captivating Māori culture. From pristine streams and mystical forests to thrilling biking trails and thermal mud pools, Rotorua offers a diverse range of attractions for adventurers and relaxation seekers alike. Nestled within the Pacific Rim of Fire, Rotorua is a geothermal paradise, boasting mud pools, steam clouds, and rejuvenating hot springs. After admiring the unique landscapes and volcanic phenomena in a geothermal park, unwind with a soak in a natural hot stream or indulge in a luxurious spa retreat. The afternoon and evening promise exploration and discovery in this exhilarating destination.


Day 5: Rotorua – Gisborne

(Driving day 3: 274 km/170 miles)

We kick off our day with a stunning drive along Lake Rotorua’s shores, then embark on an exhilarating journey via Route 2, winding through scenic mountain roads towards Gisborne. Nestled at the Bay of Poverty Bay, Gisborne, the northeast region’s capital, greets us with its undeniable charm. Our evening unfolds with a delightful dinner at Bar Marina Park, offering an ideal ambiance to immerse ourselves in the local vibe and savor the flavors of the region.


Day 6: Gisborne – Taupō

(Driving day 4: 329 km/204 miles)

Today promises a thrilling adventure filled with breathtaking roads and unforgettable nature encounters. Departing from Gisborne, our journey takes us southeast, meandering through awe-inspiring mountain landscapes and picturesque coastlines. Along the way, we’ll make several stops to marvel at the myriad sights, each more captivating than the last, until we reach our ultimate destination: the magnificent Lake Taupō.

Stretching across an area akin to Singapore, Lake Taupō is more akin to an inland sea, its vastness leaving an indelible impression. Formed by a colossal volcanic eruption nearly two millennia ago, so immense it cast darkness over skies as far as Europe and China, the lake’s fiery origins are evident at the Craters of the Moon. Here, geysers, steaming craters, and bubbling mud pools offer a glimpse into its tumultuous past. At select beaches around Taupō, swimmers and paddlers can luxuriate in the warmth of geothermal currents, a testament to the region’s remarkable geothermal heritage.


Day 7: Taupō – New Plymouth

(Driving day 5: 312 km/194 miles)

Leaving the magnificent Lake Taupō behind, we set off to conquer one of New Zealand’s premier motorcycle routes: The Forgotten (World) Highway, also known as Route 43. Originally carved out of colonial bridle paths in the late 19th century, this highway is as remote and enigmatic as they come.

Described by locals as “a bit upsy downsy,” this classic New Zealand understatement barely does justice to a road that winds its way through rugged terrain, offering a natural roller coaster experience that will leave you breathless. As we navigate its twists and turns, be sure to have your cameras at the ready, for every bend reveals a new vista more breathtaking than the last. Truly, The Forgotten Highway promises an adventure like no other, where the journey itself is as memorable as the destination.


Day 8: New Plymouth – Wellington

(Driving day 6: 388 km/241 miles)

Welcome to another exhilarating day of driving, tracing the stunning west coast of the North Island. Our journey will be graced by the breathtaking beauty of the coastline until we reach our ultimate destination: Wellington. Nestled in the southern reaches of the North Island, Wellington is embraced by a picturesque harbor and verdant hills. With a population exceeding 380,000 residents, it stands as Oceania’s largest capital city, its roots tracing back to its founding in the 1840s. Prepare to be enchanted by the charm and vibrancy of this coastal metropolis as we explore its rich tapestry of culture, history, and natural splendor.


Day 9: Wellington – Nelson

(Driving day 7: 114 km/74 miles)

Get ready for what may be the most breathtaking ferry journey of your lifetime. We rise early to catch the first ferry bound for the South Island, renowned for its unrivaled motorcycle routes and spectacular natural wonders. Prepare yourself for a serene crossing, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of the journey. As we sail towards the South Island, be sure to find peace of mind, enabling you to fully appreciate the majestic fjords, dramatic coastal vistas, and winding mountain passes that await us. Today is all about embracing the wonders of nature, so get ready for an unforgettable day filled with awe-inspiring landscapes and exhilarating adventures.


Day 10: Nelson – Puponga - Nelson

(Fun and explorer day – 302 km/188 miles)

Today offers the perfect opportunity to unwind, discover, and indulge in Nelson, or accompany us on a breathtaking journey through Abel Tasman National Park via Route 60. Feel free to set your own pace, though reaching Collingwood is highly recommended for its scenic wonders.

Despite being New Zealand’s smallest national park, Abel Tasman offers a rich blend of relaxation and excitement. Accessible with ease, this coastal haven beckons exploration by land, sea, or air. Numerous tour operators provide options such as cruises, water taxis, kayaking excursions, helitours, and sailing adventures. While summer sees its fair share of visitors, locals tout the shoulder seasons as prime for tranquil moments amid serene beaches and tranquil waters. For those yearning for luxury, plush lodges await, yet nothing rivals the enchantment of sleeping beneath the stars, capturing the essence of Abel Tasman’s allure.

We reconvene for another delightful evening in Nelson.


Day 11: Nelson – Punakaiki

(Driving day 8: 283 km/176 miles)

Prepare for yet another exhilarating journey as we embark southward on Route 6 towards Cape Foulwind, promising breathtaking vistas along the way. Continuing our route, we’ll trace the awe-inspiring coastline towards Punakaiki, where nature’s grandeur awaits.


Day 12: Panakaiki - Fox Glacier

(Driving day 9: 377 km/234 miles)

Our day commences with a thrilling ascent to Arthur’s Pass National Park, treating us to panoramic vistas and the charming ambiance of Arthur’s Pass Village. From there, we venture towards the serene enclave of Fox Glacier, nestled amidst the verdant foothills of the Southern Alps. Here, in the welcoming embrace of Fox Glacier township, a plethora of glacier walks, hikes, and aerial tours beckon.

Our journey along Route 6, tracing the picturesque west coast of the South Island, is renowned as one of the most stunning routes in the region. With numerous brief stops peppered along the way, we immerse ourselves fully in the natural splendor. Upon reaching Fox Glacier, a glacier tour awaits, offering an up-close encounter with this majestic natural wonder. Nearby lies the captivating Lake Matheson, famed for its reflective views of Mount Cook, a sight not to be missed on a clear day.

Attractions: Route 6, Arthur’s Pass National Park, Arthur’s Pass Village, Fox Glacier.


Day 13: Fox Glacier – Queenstown

(Driving day 10: 353 km/219 miles)

Once more, we chart our course along the scenic Route 6, tracing the picturesque coastline before ascending into the majestic mountains. Our journey pauses in the quaint township of Haast before we continue our drive through the enchanting expanse of Mount Aspiring National Park. Along the way, we’ll traverse past mountain lakes, through awe-inspiring natural landscapes, and along winding roads that offer a delightful driving experience.

Our route culminates in the vibrant town of Queenstown, nestled amidst the stunning backdrop of the Southern Alps.


Day 14: Queenstown

(Fun & Explorer day)

For an action-packed holiday in New Zealand, Queenstown is the ultimate destination. Whatever your interests may be, Queenstown offers adventures to satisfy every desire, whether it’s sports, nature experiences, or gastronomic discoveries – Queenstown truly has it all!

As a resort town, Queenstown draws in countless visitors with its welcoming atmosphere and adventurous spirit. Situated in Otago, in the southwest of New Zealand’s South Island, Queenstown isn’t just a hub for snow sports; it’s a playground for all manner of thrilling activities, from bungee jumping to water skiing to mountain biking.

Today, immerse yourself in the excitement of Queenstown, exploring and indulging in all the exhilarating experiences it has to offer. Enjoy every moment!


Day 15: Queenstown - Dunedin

(Driving day 11: 359 km/233 miles)

Today’s driving journey takes us through the renowned “Fjord country” of New Zealand, promising yet another spectacular day immersed in nature’s wonders. Our route winds through breathtaking mountain passes as we make our way toward Dunedin, unveiling hidden gems and picturesque landscapes along the way.

As we approach Dunedin, prepare to be amazed as we traverse through lesser-known yet stunning locales, revealing the diverse beauty of this region. Our drive will lead us through the enchanting scenery of the Taeiri River Mouth, offering opportunities to capture unforgettable moments with your cameras at the ready.


Day 16: Dunedin – Mount Cook Village

(Driving day 12: 317 km/197 miles)

Welcome to yet another day of awe-inspiring coastal and mountain drives, promising unforgettable natural encounters. Our journey commences with a magical coastal drive to Oamaru, where, if you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of penguins frolicking along the shore.

Afterward, we embark on a mesmerizing ascent towards Lake Pukaki, where the azure waters set against the backdrop of towering mountains create a scene of unparalleled beauty. From there, we’ll enjoy a spectacular ride to Mount Cook National Park, where we’ll be surrounded by the majestic peaks of the Southern Alps.

Tonight, we’ll be immersed in the breathtaking beauty of this pristine wilderness as we spend the night in the heart of Mount Cook National Park.


Day 17: Mount Cook – Christchurch

(Driving day 13: 404 km/251 miles)

As we embark on our final riding day, we find ourselves nearing the conclusion of our unforgettable New Zealand Adventure (alas!). Our day commences with another enchanting ride along the shores of Lake Pukaki, soaking in the serene beauty before we veer onto Route 8 towards Tercuka.

Next, we ascend to higher altitudes as we make our way towards today’s destination: Christchurch. Nestled on the east coast of the South Island, Christchurch stands as the largest city in this region.

Upon arrival, we bid farewell to our trusty bikes, trading our riding gear for light summer attire. The evening is reserved for camaraderie and reflection as we gather near the hotel for a farewell dinner, preparing ourselves for the journey homeward.


Day 18: Departure Christchurch - Home travel

As we bid adieu to the enchanting landscapes of New Zealand – Aotearoa, our unforgettable adventure draws to a close, and we make our way homeward. Group travel arrangements are made for shuttle services to the airport, where we embark on our respective journeys.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for joining us on this remarkable ride, filled with cherished memories and shared experiences. Thank you for choosing to explore with Explorify.

Wishing you a safe and pleasant journey home, with hopes that our paths may cross again on one of our many other tours across the globe, whether in the US, South America, Asia, Oceania, Africa, or Europe.

Please note: Due to time differences, travelers from Europe will arrive home on the date/day following their departure. Safe travels!

Additionally: Our program serves as a guideline for the activities and experiences on the tour. While deviations may occur, rest assured that our dedicated tour leaders will strive to execute the program as described to the best of their ability, considering feasibility and circumstances. We are committed to enhancing our programs continuously, ensuring that you may encounter pleasant surprises along the way.

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