Want to make the best deal?

We Offer a Best Price Guarantee

The primary benefit of the Best Price Guarantee is that it helps you save money. With this guarantee, you can be confident that you're getting the lowest available price for a motorcycle rental.

If you should be in the unusual situation of having a lower confirmed booking rental price* with the same conditions** as Explorify Rentals:  

1. Send us a copy of the booking confirmation: [email protected].

2. One of our Rental agents will check the rate and conditions you provide instantly.

3. Once we check that the lower rate on the booking confirmation complies with the Terms and Conditions, we'll send you a price match guarantee email confirmation, which will have the lower rental rate.

4. If the rate mentioned does not meet the necessary Terms and Conditions and is therefore not accepted by Explorify Rentals, we will send you an email response justifying our answer.

Best price guarantee


*Including VAT and other taxes/fees        ** as specified in our Terms and Conditions

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