Motorcycle Rentals Near Me: 8 Tips In Finding The Best Deal

Arguably, one of the most thrilling and adventurous ways to explore a location anywhere in the world is on a motorcycle. 

Riding a motorcycle allows you to be intimately connected with everything around you and makes every journey that much more special.

If you feel the same way and are searching for ‘motorcycle rentals near me’, let us share with you eight tips to help you find the best deal! 

But first, let’s start by finding out whether renting a motorcycle is a good option for you.

Should You Rent A Motorcycle?

There are many reasons why you should rent a motorcycle rather than owning a motorcycle of your own or renting a car or a 4×4.

Renting a motorcycle when you have time for a weekend trip or are in the mood for a city cruise is one of the best ways to get rid of that riding itch without having to go through the hassle of owning one of your own. 

It is often simpler and a lot less expensive to rent a bike rather than purchasing and only using it a few times a year. Apart from the leasing costs, insurance, and maintenance costs the depreciation on new motorcycles can also be significant; depending on the make and model you purchase.

Many people who own motorcycles still prefer to rent out a motorcycle for longer journeys as they might not have the right motorcycle for the trip or don’t want to risk putting endless miles on their vintage bike. 

Renting a motorcycle is also a great idea if you are a solo traveler who loves adventure and exploration. Motorcycles can go over many different types of terrain, are kinder to the environment, and consume a lot less fuel than cars and 4x4s. 

8 Tips For Finding The Best Deal When Searching For Motorcycle Rentals Near Me

Renting a Harley Davidson, BMW, Triumph, Royal Enfield, or Indian motorcycle is now easier and more affordable than ever. With increasing demand for rented motorcycles and increased competition, you are bound to find amazing deals especially if you follow these eight easy tips!

1. Know What You Want To Ride

The first thing that you should do before even searching for motorcycle rentals is to get a basic understanding of what type of motorcycle you would be comfortable riding. 

Things that you might want to take into consideration include the amount of riding experience you have, the type of terrain or route you plan on taking, and the weight and horsepower (CCs) you are comfortable handling.

2. Best Bikes For Road Trips & Grand Tours

If you plan on renting a motorcycle for a journey that is largely on highways and paved tarmac opt for a touring class or grand touring class motorcycle. The Harley Davidson Road Glide Ultra, the Indian Roadmaster, or the BMW 1600 GTL all make for excellent choices for grand tours that take you across multiple states in comfort and offer plenty of luggage space to boot. 

However, if you are not comfortable with the added weight of these motorcycles, choosing a touring-class Honda Goldwing or a Harley Davidson Road Glide Touring may prove to be a better option.

If what you want is a street prowler or cruiser, you can’t go wrong with an Indian Challenger, Scout, or Chieftain or even the Harley Davidson Softail or Low Rider.  

3. Best Bikes For Off-Road Routes & Adventures

If the journey you have in mind includes exploring off-the-beaten-path trails you should look for options such as the BMW R 1250 GS or the Harley Davidson Pan America that are built to take on even the harshest off-road terrains.

4. Price & Quality Comparison 

Just because a certain rental company is quoting the cheapest price doesn’t mean it is the best deal. You have to weigh price with quality and factor in things like the condition of the motorcycle in question, the quality of the service, and the reputation of the rental company. 

The quoted price may also not be the final price for the rental. While you may be getting a cheaper deal on the price of rental per day the options for insurance, coverage, and other add-ons like toll-road packages can add up the total price to be much higher than other options available. 

As such, you should always inquire about the final price rather than just focusing on the daily rental cost. This top tip will help you find the best deal!

5. Ability To Rent Additional Accessories

Always check to see if the rental company you are opting for has all the riding essentials you need for a safe and comfortable journey. For example, do the bikes have saddlebags and a passenger backrest? Can you rent out things like helmets, gloves, jackets, boots, and pants? 

The best rental companies offer all types of accessories and gear to make your journey as safe and enjoyable as possible.

6. Always Check The Terms & Conditions & Return Policy

Always read your contract terms carefully, especially the part regarding the return policy. Most rental companies will require you to drop off the rented motorcycle at the same location you picked it up from. However, larger rental companies such as Explorify have multiple locations and allow for their motorcycle to be dropped off at different locations which is ideal if you are planning a one-way journey. 

7. Inquire About The Various Insurance Policies

While you cannot legally rent a bike in the US without a basic liability insurance plan, there are different types of insurance coverage plans that do provide additional coverage such as vehicle damage coverage and third-party liability insurance. 

Always ask your rental provider for the insurance options they have available and if there isn’t a marked difference in the price it is best to always opt for an insurance plan that offers the greatest coverage.

8. Always Conduct A Test Drive Before Embarking On Your Journey

Never hop on a rented motorcycle and set off into the sunset. You should first always take a test drive to ensure the motorcycle is handling and performing as it should be. If anything is wrong with the motorcycle it is better to find that out while you are still close to the rental company rather than miles away.

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