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Check out our Price Model

On Explorify’s web shop, you can book Motorcycle rentals at 15% – 25%* lower prices than our competition, depending on which bike, dates and locations you book. Furthermore, we are different in the way that we believe in honesty, openness and transparency. And we want to help you get the best deals!

Thus, we want to explain why you get different rates displayed on our web shop, depending on which dates/time periods you book. Please check out our price model & book your rental when you get the lowest rates!

Explorify price model example:

The price model shows average rates for a 7-13 day motorcycle rental of a medium-class bike model.

  • Base rates = our base rate, which you can book bike rentals at any point during the low season.
  • Season rates = additional rate during May–Oct because we have higher costs with fleeting more bikes and employing more personnel.
  • High season rates = additional rate during May – June and Aug-Sept, which is the high season for Motorcycle Rentals.
  • Peak season rates = additional rate during Aug-Sept, to cover the additional cost of fleeting extra bikes for a short period of time.

*How to get your discount & deals:

Send a copy of your booking to: tours@explorifyrentals.com and we will apply your discount to your booking!