Top 8 Places To Stop On A Motorcycle Trip From Daytona To Key West

America has some of the most iconic motorcycle routes, from the Historic Route 66 to the spectacular Golden States Run, there is no shortage of amazing adventures that can be had on the back of a motorcycle. 

One such route is the coastal drive from the iconic Daytona Beach on Florida’s Atlantic coast to the island paradise of Key West, the southernmost point of Florida – part of the picturesque Florida Keys archipelago.

In this guide, we will look at the top 8 places to stop on a motorcycle trip from Daytona to Key West, to make this iconic road trip all the more memorable!

8 Places To Stop On A Motorcycle Trip From Daytona To Key West

In our view, the best way to enjoy a motorcycle road trip from Daytona to Key West would be to break the journey down into two days. This way you can explore a lot more of what Florida has to offer and its eccentric motorcycling culture.

You can also choose to take different routes. You can choose to first drive down to Orlando to explore the city and its famous theme parks before heading down to West Palm Beach and then riding along the coastal highway to Key West. 

You could also go to Orlando and then drive all the way west to Tampa or southwest to Fort Myers before heading southeast again to Miami. These are longer routes but will allow you to explore a lot more of Florida.

However, if you were to ask us, the best route from Daytona Beach to Key West would be the drive along Florida’s Atlantic coastline. On this route, you will get to explore all the coastal hot spots in Florida as you make your way to Key West. 

You could also ride non-stop and make the journey to Key West in about 8 hours. However, if you do that you won’t be able to stop at some amazing locations and attractions such as:

The Kennedy Space Center

Located on Merritt Island, the John F. Kennedy Space Center is a legendary destination that was once the departure site for man’s first journey to the moon. Being one of 10 NASA field centers, it is by far one of the most famous and renowned destinations in America. 

On your visit here you can explore America’s rich aeronautic and space history as well as partake in many of the attractions and events that go on here on the daily.

Cocoa Beach

Once you are done catching up on America’s extensive space history it is time to cruise around Cocoa Beach which acts as the gateway to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. 

Relax on the soft sand beaches, go surfing, or catch a bite to eat at the many nearby eateries. Cocoa Beach is a happening place with a rich motorcycle and surfing culture which should make you feel right at home!

Vero Beach

Another one of Florida’s famous Atlantic Coast beaches, Vero Beach is the next destination you would want to stop over and explore. Known for its beautiful beaches, greenery, watersports, and posh resorts Vero Beach is another great spot to unwind and rejuvenate after a couple of hours of highway riding.

West Palm Beach

There is a reason why Florida is renowned for its sublime beaches and lavish resorts. With a warm and sunny climate, Florida is not just ideal for beach days but also the perfect state to ride a motorcycle almost all year round. If you still haven’t had your fill of the beach life, West Palm Beach offers a great place to spend the night enjoying the city’s vibrant nightlife, cultural attractions, and palm-lined beachfront. 


No motorcycle trip to Key West would be complete without a stop at one of the most famous cities in America, Miami. Home to world-famous white sand beaches, pristine turquoise blue waters, celebrities, and an extravagant nightlife scene the city of Miami never sleeps and attracts millions of tourists every year. Making a stop at the famous Miami beach as you ride down Ocean Drive is an experience unlike any other. 

Fort Lauderdale

The next destination on your way to Key West that demands a stop is the city of Fort Lauderdale. With its renowned beaches, boat canals, and upscale restaurants and hotels. Riding around on a tricked-out Harley Davidson or Indian Motorcycle in Fort Lauderdale has its own charm as the city has a thriving motorcycle culture and plenty of places to park up for a bite to eat while socializing and having fun.

Key Largo

Upon entering the Florida Keys your first stop should be at Key Largo. It is time to get off your bike and take a dive into the pristine waters of this beautiful island. Renowned for its underwater beauty and coral reef Key Largo is a great spot for snorkeling, scuba diving, and even fishing. It is also a popular spot for motorcyclists as it acts as a starting point from where bikers can find different trails to hop around and explore the Florida Keys archipelago until they eventually reach Key West.


Your last stop before Key West should be in the island city of Marathon, just 50 miles from Key West. Why stop here? For fishing of course! Marathon is known for being one of the best fishing spots in the world and if you combine that with warm sunny weather, amazing white sand beaches, and biker-friendly hotels and restaurants you have a place you simply wouldn’t want to leave in a hurry!

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