Historic Route 66


15 days



Difficulty level



4000 km/2485 mi


Historic Route 66, Westbound & Eastbound.

Driving Historic Route 66, affectionately known as “the mother road,” is an exceptional journey that offers several compelling reasons to embark on this iconic road trip:

  1. Rich Historical Significance: Route 66 is steeped in history, representing the American spirit of adventure and exploration. It was one of the original highways in the U.S., connecting Chicago to Los Angeles, and serving as a vital route for migrants and travelers during the 20th century.

  2. Nostalgic Americana: As you drive along Route 66, you’ll encounter an array of classic roadside attractions, vintage motels, and retro diners, taking you back in time to experience the charm and allure of mid-century America.

  3. Breathtaking Landscapes: The road winds through diverse landscapes, showcasing the stunning beauty of the American Southwest. From rolling plains to rugged mountains, you’ll witness some of the most picturesque vistas the country has to offer.

  4. Cultural Immersion: Route 66 allows you to immerse yourself in various regional cultures, as you pass through different states, each with its unique traditions, art, and cuisine.

  5. Quirky Roadside Stops: The route is dotted with quirky and fascinating roadside attractions, like the Cadillac Ranch in Texas or the Wigwam Village Motels in Arizona, making the journey entertaining and memorable.

  6. Personal Achievement: Completing this epic cross-country road trip can be a significant personal achievement, as you conquer a historic and legendary route that has captivated the imaginations of countless travelers over the years.

In summary, driving Historic Route 66 is an unparalleled opportunity to connect with America’s past, experience its diverse landscapes and cultures, and create lasting memories that celebrate the essence of the open road.


Chicago- Los Angeles / Los Angeles – Chicago


Please arrive at least 1 hour before the tour start

– Motorcycle/Car rental w/unlimited milage – 1st choice vehicle model class
– Shared room in biker-friendly hotels – Continental breakfast at most hotels
– Entrance fees Nat. parks Welcome meeting
– Multi-lingual Tour leader – Transport to rental company
– Support van w/ luggage – State min. SLI insurance
– Loss damage Waiver – Half-shell helmet
– Tour PDF w/route description. – Pictures from the tour

– Airfare*
– Optional attractions
– Vehicle model guarantee
– Gas
– Security deposit for LDW
– Food and beverages
– LDW Zero & insurance upgrades
– Anything not listed in “Included” above

*NOTE: Tour dates are subject to change. Please ensure that your tour will be arranged on the desired date before booking your flight tickets

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