Los Angeles

Sunset strip

From Sunset Strip to Pacific Coast Highway

Experience the blend of cityscape and natural beauty on an unforgettable journey – ride Sunset Strip to Pacific Coast Highway. There are few more iconic road trips than a ride through California on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu. It has even inspired songs and poems about its beauty. So why not follow in the […]

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Riding the Mulholland Snake to the Rock Store

Discover the thrills and beauty of Southern California’s famous motorcycle route – the “Mulholland Snake“. As you start your ride, you’ll feel the sun beaming down and the wind rushing past you as you twist and turn through the tight, narrow road. The scenery is breathtaking, with the Santa Monica Mountains rising up on either […]

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Neptune’s Net restaurant – a must-visit ‘pit stop’

If you’re searching for an iconic motorcycle eatery in a remote location, Neptune’s Net is a destination spot every biker must know about! You might instantly recognize Neptune’s Net restaurant, with its eye-catching 50s-style diner sign and its enviable waterfront location. That’s because the seafood restaurant and bar has had cameos in many well-known films […]

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A journey through the famous Mulholland Drive

With winding roads, lavish celebrity homes, and multiple lookouts offering views of the LA city skyline, Mulholland Drive in California is a major highlight for motorcyclists who visit from around the world As American rock band R.E.M sing in their song ‘Electrolite’:“Ever want to fly, Mulholland Drive, I am alive. Hollywood is under me, I’m […]

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