Riding the Mulholland Snake to the Rock Store

Discover the thrills and beauty of Southern California’s famous motorcycle route – the “Mulholland Snake.

As you start your ride, you’ll feel the sun beaming down and the wind rushing past you as you twist and turn through the tight, narrow road. The scenery is breathtaking, with the Santa Monica Mountains rising up on either side of you and the occasional glimpse of the Pacific Ocean in the distance.

You’ll come across a series of quick hairpin turns but with fast reflexes and precise handling. These challenging twists are simply exhilarating. This road will demand your full attention – there is no room for any distractions.

The Snake – a thrill ride

But what is this incredible route? It’s the mecca of motorcycle riding in California – ‘The Snake’. This is the nickname for a section of Mulholland Highway in Malibu which is very well-known among motorcyclists and sports car enthusiasts for its tight twists and turns. The road is so windy that novice riders might have some trouble here. But if you’re a dedicated motorcyclist – it’s a thrill ride!

At Calabasas, Mulholland Drive becomes Mulholland Highway. Don’t confuse it with the road with the same name on the slopes of Mount Lee, where you’ll find the Hollywood Sign. Just take the 101 South and exit Topanga Canyon South. Take a right onto Mulholland Drive, and then a left on Mulholland Highway.

As it’s in the middle of the Malibu hills, it’s a rarely used road for anything but motorcyclists and car enthusiasts to simply have fun. However, as it’s closely monitored by officials for safety, every rider must ensure they ride responsibly and always wear appropriate safety gear!

The Rock Store

This road is a winding route for raucous rides, but there’s also a treat at the end. The Mulholland Snake leads up to the world-famous motorcycle bar hangout, the Rock Store.

The Rock Store

This legendary biker hangout has been a popular destination for riders for decades. On any given Saturday or Sunday, you’ll spot dozens or even hundreds of Harleys and other bikes parked out front. This welcoming sight lets you know exactly what’s in store inside.

The Rock Store is a great place for the Hollywood elite, motorbike day-trippers, or muscle-bound bikers in leather jackets to take a break, grab a bite to eat, mingle with fellow riders, or just steel their nerves for their upcoming Snake ride with a cup of coffee. Walking into the Rock Store, you’ll likely be greeted by the sound of live music and the smell of barbeque wafting through the air. Order some food and drinks, while surrounded by walls adorned with photos and memorabilia from the store’s long biker history. It has truly earned its place in riding lore.

Spot a celebrity

You might even spot a famous face or two. This has been a hangout spot for Steve McQueen, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Eddie Van Halen. Petrolhead Jay Leno holds court in the hangout most weekends, with one of his many motorbikes from his vast collection. Most patrons ask, “What is he going to ride up on today? As he shows up with another enviable steel machine.

California’s historic 2018 wildfire season nearly claimed the legendary Rock Store. But as owner Rich Savko was quoted as saying as the diner reopened, “God must be a motorcycle fan.”

And once you ride around the Mulholland Snake and end up at the Rock Store where motorheads come from all over for the atmosphere and scenic beauty, you too will believe God must really be a motorcycle fan.