Explore the history and culture at the Harley-Davidson Museum

Rev your engines – Explore the history and culture at the Harley-Davidson Museum

Ride along on an epic trip through time at the only Harley-Davidson museum in the world!

“I was born with gasoline in my veins and a crayon in each hand.”

So said Harley-Davidson’s first design director, who worked there for 50 years, Willie G. Davidson. Willie G. was the driving force behind many classic Harley designs. Which you can check out first-hand at the Harley-Davidson Museum in downtown Milwaukee.

Impressing collection

The Harley-Davidson Museum gallery

Spread throughout two floors, when you look down the Museum’s second floor, you will see the seemingly never-ending line of noteworthy bikes, 180 feet long. The museum’s collection includes rare and iconic bikes. Like the 1946 Model E, the 1970 XR750, and the modern-day Fat Boy.

These motorbikes begin to tell the story of the company’s first 50 years. With their rebellious attitude and unique expression of signature Harley-Davidson elements – beauty, performance, functionality, and style.

The full history

Motorcycle enthusiasts and American history buffs alike will come alive in the sprawling 20-acre campus. Showcasing the rich history of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, the museum covers the full story of the brand. From its humble beginnings in 1903 to its current status as a global icon. 

The Harley-Davidson Museum history

The exhibits show the iconic bike’s cultural impact through art, photography, and classic bike displays which have made the museum become one of Milwaukee’s top tourist destinations for visitors from all around the globe. 

Visitors include Aquaman actor and Harley admirer Jason Momoa who reportedly said as he tried on a Harley-Davidson jacket over a Harley-Davidson shirt, “You know what looks better than black on black? Harley on Harley.”

One of a kind

One of the museum’s most impressive features is the ‘Serial Number One’ exhibit, which showcases the very first Harley-Davidson motorcycle ever built. This one-of-a-kind machine, built in 1903 by William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson, is a true testament to the vision and dedication of the company’s founders – something every Harley enthusiast would love to see.

Get a taste of rebellion and classic American culture with a range of interactive experiences too. Guests can take a virtual ride on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, design their own custom bike, or even take a guided tour of the company’s nearby manufacturing facility.

A celebration

But the Harley-Davidson Museum is more than just a collection of motorcycles. It’s also a celebration of the people who ride them. The museum’s exhibits showcase the unique culture and lifestyle, from the clubs and rallies to the fashion and music that define the brand. Enjoy all this before settling down for some good old-fashioned American grub at the Motor Bar and Restaurant, where they serve up the Hog Burger, BBQ wings, and some pineapple custard pie!

Whether you’re a motorcycle enthusiast or just a curious visitor, a visit to this one-of-a-kind museum is sure to leave you with a newfound appreciation for the history and legacy of Harley-Davidson.

Note: In addition to visiting the museum, you can add your Harley-Davidson experience by visiting the Harley-Davidson factory nearby. If you want to combine a visit with an iconic motorcycle ride? Check out Explorify Tours’ Route 66 Historic tour.

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