Wild West Tour (Self-Drive)

16 days
Difficulty Level
4400 km

Wild West Tour (Self-Drive)

Embark on a captivating 16-day self-drive motorcycle tour through the heart of America’s Wild West, where the essence of adventure meets unparalleled natural beauty and cultural richness. This meticulously curated journey takes you along 4,400 km of iconic roads, including the majestic Pacific Highway 1, showcasing a blend of stunning scenery, exhilarating cities, and timeless attractions. From the lively streets of Los Angeles, the iconic Santa Monica Pier, and the vibrant Venice Beach, to the historic depths of San Diego and the Mexican border, your journey is just beginning.

Explore the awe-inspiring landscapes of Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona, the Grand Canyon, and Monument Valley, coupled with the serene beauty of Lake Powell and the breathtaking vistas of Utah’s national parks, including Bryce Canyon and Zion. Immerse yourself in the neon lights of Las Vegas, the raw allure of Death Valley, the majestic Yosemite, and the cultural charm of San Francisco. Along the way, visit the tranquil Big Basin Redwood Park and the Danish-inspired Solvang, completing an unforgettable exploration of the American West.


Motorcycle/Car rental w/unlimited milage
1st choice vehicle model class
Shared room in biker-friendly hotels
Continental breakfast at most hotels
Entrance fees Nat. parks
Welcome meeting
Multi-lingual Tour leader
Transport to rental company
Support van w/ luggage
State min. SLI insurance
Loss damage Waiver
Half-shell helmet
Tour PDF w/route description.
Pictures from the tour
NOT Included
Optional attractions
Vehicle model guarantee
Security deposit for LDW
Food and beverages
LDW Zero & insurance upgrades
Anything not listed in “Included” above



Day 1: Arrival Los Angeles, California

After months of anticipation, your departure day has finally arrived: Welcome to Los Angeles!


Day 2: Los Angeles - San Diego

(Driving day 1: 212 km/132 miles)

When you’re ready to hit the road on your bike, you’ll embark on your journey. Los Angeles fades into the distance as you head south for a unique adventure filled with history, excitement, and fun! This first day of driving will encompass some city roads, highways, and a wonderful stretch along the legendary Pacific Coast Highway 1 towards vibrant San Diego. Take it slow to acclimate to California’s driving conditions and temperatures.

Prepare for a delicious lunch at Ruby’s Diner in Laguna Beach, where old-fashioned milkshakes are highly recommended! Following lunch, you’ll continue straight to San Diego, where you’ll drive to Historic Old Town, check in to the hotel, and spend the remainder of the day exploring everything this lively city has to offer, including the USS Midway, Maritime Museum, Little Italy, and Old Town.


Day 3: San Diego - Blythe

(Driving day 2: 362 km/225 miles)

Leaving behind the beauty and excitement of San Diego, you’ll spend the day cruising along fantastic motorcycle routes including Historic Route 94 and 98, along with Old Hwy 80. These roads wind through breathtaking scenery, so be sure to have your camera ready for some memorable snapshots!

For much of the day, you’ll be riding alongside the Mexico border, closely monitored by the U.S. Border Patrol. You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a Mexican lunch at a popular local diner in Calexico, adding a taste of authentic cuisine to your journey.

Continuing northeast, you’ll traverse the Imperial Sand Dunes, a truly unique experience akin to driving through a sandy desert with towering dunes flanking the road on either side. It’s an encounter you won’t soon forget. Take a moment to pause amid this desert landscape before continuing your journey to Blythe.

In the evening, indulge in a classic American meal at a local steakhouse, where you can savor a delicious steak, rounding off a day of unforgettable adventures on the road.


Day 4: Blythe - Sedona

(Driving day 3: 386 km/240 miles)

The day kicks off with a scenic transport stage through the arid prairie landscape, setting the stage for the thrilling motorcycle roads that lie ahead. Your destination for lunch is Prescott, where a delightful meal awaits.

Following lunch, the journey continues along winding and exhilarating motorcycle routes, leading you to the historic Jerome ghost town. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the remnants of a bygone era before setting off for the breathtaking natural wonder of Oak Creek Canyon.

As you traverse Oak Creek Canyon, you’ll find yourself enveloped in awe-inspiring scenery and striking rock formations. This natural paradise has served as the backdrop for numerous iconic cowboy films, lending it a sense of familiarity and cinematic charm. Ranked as Arizona’s second most popular tourist attraction, Oak Creek Canyon never fails to captivate visitors with its splendor.

Your final destination for the day is Sedona, nestled in the heart of Oak Creek Canyon. Renowned for its spiritual energy and vibrant cultural community, Sedona offers a truly unique experience amidst its dramatic natural surroundings, transporting you to a world unlike any other.


Day 5: Sedona - Tuba City

(Driving day 4: 306 km/190 miles)

This day might just be the pinnacle of your tour, as you welcome the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon into your itinerary. Your journey begins with a thrilling ride through the winding roads of Oak Creek Canyon, offering a blend of fun and challenge as you navigate toward this natural wonder. Passing through Flagstaff and grazing Historic Route 66, the anticipation builds until you reach the Grand Canyon, a sight that promises to be a highlight of your adventure.

Upon reaching the Grand Canyon, If you have pre-ordered the helicopter tour, you will embark on an experience that you will never forget. Soaring high above one of the world’s seven wonders, you’ll have the opportunity to witness the breathtaking beauty of the Grand Canyon from a truly unique perspective.

After the exhilarating helicopter tour, you’ll drive into the Grand Canyon National Park to spend the rest of the day immersed in its grandeur. Explore the panoramic vistas, deep gorges, and mesmerizing colors that have captivated visitors for centuries.

As the day winds down, your journey continues towards another iconic natural landmark, Monument Valley. However, the adventure pauses for a night in Tuba City, allowing you to rest and reflect on the day’s remarkable experiences before embarking on the next leg of your unforgettable tour.


Day 6: Tuba City - Hanksville

(Driving day 5: 398 km/247 miles)

You start the day by driving to Monument Valley, one of the world’s most photographed natural phenomena. Up close, you’ll encounter the classic Wild West landscape of sandstone rock formations, each adorned with a reddish hue that adds to its beauty. The sheer magnificence of the scenery will reshape your perspective on the Wild West, showcasing a perfection unmatched by any other location. As you ride among these majestic rock formations, you’ll find yourself immersed in the heart of the Navajo Indians’ territory, evoking a sense of spiritual connection.

Continuing on your journey, you’ll come across Mexican Hat, another natural wonder whose appearance may leave you questioning whether it’s a sombrero or a stone formation. Heading north towards Lake Powell and Utah’s national parks, you’ll encounter a driving experience unlike any other, surrounded by stunning rock formations that offer a three-dimensional perspective of height and grandeur.

Your route takes you through Goosenecks State Park, Natural Bridges National Monument, Glen Canyon, Lake Powell, Goblin Valley, and Horseshoe Canyon, each offering its own unique charm and beauty.


Day 7: Hanksville - Hurricane

(Driving day 6: 428 km/266 miles)

We continue our incredible journey through Utah, where the national parks seem to appear one after another like pearls on a string. From Goblin Canyon to Capitol Reef and Otter Creek State Park, each destination offers its unique beauty and charm. However, the real highlight of our drive is the exhilarating journey up and down the elevations of the Escalante Staircase. We’re confident that the sheer joy of the experience will leave you unable to wipe the smile off your face!

One of the most anticipated highlights of the tour is our visit to Bryce Canyon. Here, the rock formations are so unique and awe-inspiring that they defy description, rivaling even the Grand Canyon in their grandeur and magnificence. Continuing through Dixie National Forest, we make our way to yet another remarkable National Park: Zion. Renowned for its stunning rock formations, Zion offers not only breathtaking vistas but also exhilaratingly curvy roads, fondly referred to as the “switchbacks of Zion.” Unlike Yosemite and the Grand Canyon, Zion evokes a more profound appreciation for the aesthetic beauty of nature, leaving an indelible impression on all who visit.


Day 8: Hurricane - Las Vegas

(Driving day 7: 274 km/172 miles)

Exiting Zion, we set our sights on the neon-lit oasis of Las Vegas. Arriving in the city around lunchtime, we park our bikes and immerse ourselves in the excitement of this vibrant destination. The rest of the day is yours to explore the famous “Sin City” at your leisure. With its breathtaking architecture, captivating shows, and an endless array of entertainment options, Las Vegas truly has something for everyone. From iconic landmarks like Caesar’s Palace and the Bellagio to the immersive experiences at MGM and the Mirage, there’s no shortage of attractions to discover. Be sure to catch the mesmerizing volcanic eruptions at the Mirage’s garden and the spectacular water show outside the Bellagio – memories that will last a lifetime. Las Vegas is a city that never sleeps, and the possibilities for adventure are endless!


Day 9: Las Vegas - Lone Pine

(Driving day 8: 401 km/249 miles)

Today, you depart from Las Vegas heading westward towards Death Valley – renowned as the hottest place on the planet outside the Equator! Despite the scorching heat and minimal shade, the allure of nature’s wonders in this vast expanse is undeniable. Consider enjoying an early lunch amidst the stark beauty of Death Valley before continuing your journey.

Navigating through a labyrinth of turns and mountains, you’ll descend to an elevation of over 30 meters below sea level. Continuing westward, your route takes you through Sequoia National Park, where you’ll have the opportunity to marvel at the towering sequoia trees. Your day concludes in Lone Pine, where you’ll spend the night, surrounded by the majestic landscapes of the region.


Day 10: Lone Pine - Jamestown

(Driving day 9: 386 km/240 miles)

and indulge in some scrumptious pastries at the local bakery. From there, your journey continues to Mammoth Lakes, renowned for its summer mountain biking and winter skiing opportunities. As you head northward, you’ll traverse the picturesque Tioga Pass before venturing into Yosemite National Park.

Prepare to be awestruck by the grandeur of Yosemite as you navigate through towering granite mountains and winding motorcycle roads. The journey demands focus, but the rewards are plentiful as you immerse yourself in the pristine and abundant natural beauty surrounding you. Take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy an outdoor lunch amidst the breathtaking wilderness of Yosemite.

Wrapping up the day, you’ll make your way to Jamestown, a charming old miner village. Along the route to Jamestown, you’ll encounter twisty and challenging motorcycle roads, adding an extra thrill to your adventure.


Day 11: Jamestown - San Francisco

(Driving day 10: 356 km/221 miles)

After leaving Yosemite National Park, you’ll embark on captivating motorcycle routes that lead you westward toward Sausalito and the famous Golden Gate Bridge. Take a moment to savor the picturesque vista of the bridge and the enchanting beauty of San Francisco.

Following this scenic interlude, you’ll cross the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, marking your entrance into the bustling city of San Francisco. Your accommodations will be conveniently situated near the Embarcadero, providing easy access to the myriad attractions and vibrant atmosphere of this iconic waterfront area.


Day 12: San Francisco

(Fun and explorer day)

When you wake up in vibrant San Francisco, you’ll quickly understand why Frank Sinatra left his heart in this city. With its funky, individualistic vibe and surprisingly compact size, San Francisco stands out as one of the most liberal cities in the US.

The city exudes a distinctly European feel, offering countless opportunities for sightseeing during your short stay. Don’t miss the iconic Fisherman’s Wharf, where you can explore charming shops and indulge in some of the world’s best seafood dishes at street cafes. Be sure to hop aboard one of the city’s famous Cable Cars, which serve as moving landmarks and embody the spirit of this incredible city.

Other noteworthy attractions include the historic Alcatraz Island (pre-booking required), scenic harbor cruises, vibrant Chinatown, and the winding Lombard Street, known as one of America’s curviest streets


Day 13: San Francisco - Monterey

(Driving day 11: 192 km/120 miles)

Get ready for an unforgettable day of driving adventures – today is destined to be one of the tour’s absolute highlights! You’ll embark on the legendary Pacific Highway 1, tracing the breathtaking coastline and experiencing the thrill of one of the world’s most spectacular motorcycle routes. Along the way, you’ll be treated to stunning vistas of caves and rock formations, offering countless opportunities for memorable photographs. Don’t miss the chance to stop by the renowned biker bar “Alice’s” and weave through the winding roads of Big Basin Redwood State Park, where towering Redwood trees create a mesmerizing landscape.

Take your time to savor the beauty of Pacific Highway 1 and the majestic Redwood forest, making several stops to soak in the awe-inspiring scenery. As the day unfolds, you’ll journey to the picturesque seaside city of Monterey. Spend the afternoon exploring Cannery Row, a bustling waterfront district lined with charming hotels, boutiques, and eateries. For dinner, indulge in the fresh seafood delights of Fisherman’s Wharf, a renowned culinary destination not to be missed.


Day 14: Monterey - Solvang

(Driving day 12: 339 km/210 miles)

Today’s ride promises to be nothing short of breathtaking. You’ll journey along the renowned Pacific Highway 1, acclaimed for its stunning vistas that showcase mountains on one side and the majestic Pacific Ocean on the other. As you traverse past the enchanting Big Sur region, you’ll be greeted by the gentle caress of the warm California sun and the invigorating sea breeze. Prepare to be captivated by the mesmerizing scenery, where the Santa Lucia Mountains meet the vast expanse of the Pacific, creating one of the most awe-inspiring stretches of the California coastline.

Throughout the day, you’ll be treated to miles of fantastic views and magnificent formations, culminating in a spectacular sunset experience that will leave you in awe. Your journey will take you through the charming beach resort of Pismo Beach before arriving in Solvang, affectionately known as the “Danish” city. Here, you’ll immerse yourself in Danish culture as you stay in a traditional Danish inn, dine at a rustic Danish beer restaurant, and indulge in delectable treats from a Danish bakery for breakfast. Get ready for a truly unforgettable experience in this charming slice of Denmark nestled in California.


Day 15: Solvang - Los Angeles

(Driving day 13: 238 km/148 miles)

ou bid farewell to Solvang and embark on the next leg of your journey through southern California, a region renowned for its iconic landmarks, including the stomping grounds of the Beach Boys and the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to stop for lunch in Santa Barbara, often dubbed as America’s Riviera due to its striking resemblance in climate and geography to the French and Italian Riviera.

After a satisfying meal in Santa Barbara, you’ll continue your scenic drive down the picturesque Pacific Coast Highway 1, making your way to the famed Neptune’s Net biker restaurant nestled in Malibu. From there, it’s a straight shot to Los Angeles, where you’ll return your bike, swap out your riding gear for light summer clothing, and bid adieu to the open road.


Day 16: Departure - Home Travel

As you bid farewell to Los Angeles and prepare for your journey back home, we extend our heartfelt thanks for choosing our Wild West Self-Drive Tour. Your adventure through the stunning landscapes, vibrant cities, and iconic landmarks of the American West has, we hope, been as enriching for you as it has been our pleasure to facilitate.

Please note: Due to time differences, travelers from Europe will arrive home on the date or day after departing from the US.

Additionally: It’s essential to understand that while our itinerary outlines a comprehensive framework for the tour’s planned activities and experiences, deviations may occur. The beauty of a self-drive tour lies in the personal freedom it offers. You are in control, serving as your own guide. This flexibility allows you to choose whether to stick to our suggested path or venture off into detours that catch your eye. Your adventure is yours to shape, providing an opportunity to make the trip uniquely yours, filled with unexpected discoveries and personal highlights.