Great Lakes Circle Tour

11 days
Difficulty Level
USA & Canada
3900 km

Great Lakes Circle Tour

Explore the breathtaking beauty of the Great Lakes and embark on the unforgettable Great Lakes Circle Tour. This nine-day, 2,500-mile journey takes you on a captivating adventure around the five magnificent Great Lakes: Michigan, Erie, Ontario, Superior, and Huron, including the iconic Niagara Falls.

The tour begins with a thrilling ride to Wisconsin and continues northward to Minnesota, where you’ll cross the Canadian border. Experience the thrill of navigating the winding roads that offer captivating views of the historic lakes and their surroundings. As you venture back into the United States, you’ll make a stop in New York to witness the awe-inspiring Niagara Falls. From there, your journey will lead you from the East Coast back to the Midwest, completing the mesmerizing circle. This tour promises a wealth of spectacular scenery, breathtaking vistas, and entertaining attractions.


Motorcycle/Car rental w/unlimited milage
1st choice vehicle model class
Shared room in biker-friendly hotels
Continental breakfast at most hotels
Entrance fees Nat. parks
Welcome meeting
Multi-lingual Tour leader
Transport to rental company
Support van w/ luggage
State min. SLI insurance
Loss damage Waiver
Half-shell helmet
Tour PDF w/route description.
Pictures from the tour
NOT Included
Optional attractions
Vehicle model guarantee
Security deposit for LDW
Food and beverages
LDW Zero & insurance upgrades
Anything not listed in “Included” above



Day 1: Departure - Arrival Chicago, IL

Welcome to Chicago!

Upon the arrival of all tour participants, we will gather for a welcome reception, complete with refreshments, to formally kick off our adventure together. This initial gathering serves as the perfect opportunity for introductions among all tour participants and our tour leaders. The focus of the evening is on fostering connections and getting acquainted with one another in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.


Day 2: Chicago - Eau Claire, Wi

(Driving day 1: 489 km/304 miles)

As soon as everyone is geared up and ready on their motorcycles, we set off on our extensive journey spanning approximately 2,440 miles. The bustling city of Chicago fades into the distance as we cruise into the picturesque landscapes of Wisconsin. Our route takes us toward Eau Claire, where we will spend our first evening together. This marks the beginning of our shared adventure, offering a chance to experience the camaraderie and excitement of the open road. Eau Claire, with its welcoming atmosphere and scenic beauty, provides the perfect backdrop for our group to bond and reflect on the journey ahead.


Day 3: Eau Claire - Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

(Driving day 2: 533 km/249 miles)

Today, our journey will take us across the Canadian border as we embark on a northern adventure. Our route leads us through the scenic Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest before we make a brief stop in Duluth. Here, we’ll take a moment to appreciate the breathtaking beauty of Lake Superior, our first glimpse of this magnificent body of water.

As we continue along Highway 61, hugging the shores of Lake Superior, you’ll savor the initial leg of our captivating drive. Eventually, we’ll cross into Canada, heading toward Thunder Bay, renowned for its extensive ski jump slopes, steeped in legendary tales of winter sports prowess. Get ready for an unforgettable journey filled with natural wonders and thrilling vistas as we explore the landscapes of the Great North.


Day 4: Thunder Bay - Wawa, Ontario, Canada

(Driving day 3: 477 km/296 miles)

Our enchanting journey persists as we traverse along Highway 17, tracing the mesmerizing contours of Lake Superior’s shoreline. Our route guides us past the stunning Pukaskwa National Park, where natural beauty unfolds at every turn. As we venture onward, we approach the charming town of Wawa, nestled near the majestic Lake Superior and the equally captivating Lake Superior Provincial Park. Prepare to be captivated by the wonders of this region as our adventure unfolds along this picturesque route.


Day 5: Wawa - Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

(Driving day 4: 532 km/339 miles)

Our journey continues southward, tracing the awe-inspiring eastern shores of Lake Superior and leading us deep into the heart of Lake Superior Provincial Park. Here, we’ll be treated to a breathtaking ride through remote, untouched landscapes adorned with pristine lakes and lush forests.

Upon reaching Sault Ste. Marie, a historic town straddling the border between the United States and Canada, we’ll pause for a delightful lunch alongside the iconic Sault Ste. Marie Canal. This canal serves as a symbolic division between the two countries, offering a unique dining experience.

Turning our direction east, we’ll resume our scenic trek along the US-Canada border, relishing the beauty of the surrounding landscapes. Our day’s journey concludes in Greater Sudbury, the largest city in Northern Ontario. Here, we’ll immerse ourselves in the local culture by dining at a neighborhood eatery in this historic mining town. Get ready for a night filled with true Canadian folklore and local flavor.


Day 6: Sudbury - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

(Driving day 5: 484 km/301 miles)

Our thrilling journey persists as we venture along Canada’s scenic Hwy 148. En route, we relish the picturesque vistas while tracing the shores of Lake Nipissing, adding another dimension of natural beauty to our expedition.

Following our scenic drive, we’ll reach Canada’s renowned capital city, Ottawa. Here, we’ll dedicate the evening to exploring the captivating sights and sounds that this fascinating urban hub has to offer. Get ready for an exciting evening of discovery in Ottawa as we immerse ourselves in the heart of the nation’s capital.


Day 7: Ottawa - Victor, NY

(Driving day 6: 409 km/254 miles)

Today marks our departure from Canada as we journey southward, returning to familiar US terrain. Our route takes us towards the picturesque Alexandra Bay, where we commence a scenic ride along the enchanting shores of Lake Ontario.

As our adventure progresses, we’ll continue on to Victor, where we’ll settle in for the evening. In this charming destination, we’ll have the opportunity to unwind and savor the surroundings after a day of exploration. Get ready for a peaceful evening in Victor, as we reflect on the memorable experiences of our journey thus far.


Day 8: Victor - Niagara Falls - Hamburg, NY

(Driving day 7: 234 km/145 miles)

Today, our destination is the iconic Niagara Falls, a legendary natural wonder. We will explore the awe-inspiring Niagara Falls National Park, where the breathtaking views and stunning scenery will leave us in absolute awe. We’ll make sure to allocate plenty of time to soak in the beauty and capture every lasting impression with our cameras, as this experience is not to be missed.

After immersing ourselves in the splendor of Niagara Falls, our journey continues to Hamburg, a town with a namesake shared with its German counterpart. Get ready for an intriguing journey that combines the majesty of nature with the charm of cultural history.


Day 9: Hamburg - Freemont, OH

(Driving day 8: 425 km/264 miles)

Today’s adventure takes us along the shores of yet another of the Great Lakes, Lake Erie. We’ll embark on a captivating journey that spans the entire day, covering more than 250 miles of this magnificent lake’s coastline.

Our first pit stop will be in Cleveland, where we can explore and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of this iconic city. Afterward, we’ll continue our scenic ride, eventually reaching our final destination in Fremont. Get ready for a day filled with breathtaking views, serene waters, and memorable experiences as we traverse the stunning landscapes along Lake Erie.


Day 10: Freemont - Chicago, IL

(Driving day 8: 425 km/264 miles)

As every great adventure must eventually come to a close, today marks the culmination of our journey. It’s our last riding day, and we’ll be making our way back to Chicago.

We’ll embark on the final leg of our trip, heading towards Lake Michigan and the vibrant city of Chicago. Upon our arrival, we’ll return our bikes and transition back to our regular gear. To celebrate our unforgettable Great Lakes ride and bid farewell to this remarkable adventure, we’ll come together for a memorable farewell dinner. It’s a time to reflect on the incredible experiences we’ve shared and the memories we’ve created along the way.


Day 11: Departure Chicago - Home Travel

As our Great Lakes and Canada adventures come to an end, it’s time for us to bid farewell and make our way back home. We’ll gather as a group and travel by shuttle to the airport, cherishing the memories of our incredible journey together.

Wishing you a safe and pleasant trip back home, and we sincerely hope to have the pleasure of welcoming you on one of our other tours in the US, South America, Asia, Oceania, Africa or Europe in the future.

Please note: Due to time differences, travelers from Europe will arrive home on the date/day following their departure from the US.

We also want to mention that while this program serves as a guideline for our activities and experiences on the tour, there may be occasional deviations. Rest assured, our dedicated tour leaders will do their utmost to execute the program as described, taking into account feasibility and circumstances. We are committed to continuously improving the program, so you may also encounter pleasant surprises along the way.

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