Biketoberfest & Best of Florida Tour

10 days
Difficulty Level
1830 km

Biketoberfest & Best of Florida Tour

Biketoberfest serves as the fall counterpart to the renowned Daytona Bike Week, offering a vibrant and exhilarating experience for motorcycle enthusiasts. Despite its “mini” status, Biketoberfest boasts just as much excitement, with the added benefit of more pleasant temperatures during this season. The streets pulse with energy, ensuring non-stop entertainment throughout the entire weekend.

To make the most of this exhilarating event, we’ll combine two eventful days at Biketoberfest with a thrilling 7-day roundtrip adventure in Florida. Highlights of the tour include exploring vibrant Miami, soaking in the laid-back vibes of Key West (with two nights’ stay), venturing into the wilderness of the Everglades, experiencing the charm of Naples, relaxing on the shores of Clearwater, and immersing ourselves in the excitement of Orlando. To cap it all off, we’ll groove to the rhythm of the blues at BB Kings Blues Club, rounding out our unforgettable journey with a perfect blend of thrill and relaxation.


Motorcycle/Car rental w/unlimited milage
1st choice vehicle model class
Shared room in biker-friendly hotels
Continental breakfast at most hotels
Entrance fees Nat. parks
Welcome meeting
Multi-lingual Tour leader
Transport to rental company
Support van w/ luggage
State min. SLI insurance
Loss damage Waiver
Half-shell helmet
Tour PDF w/route description.
Pictures from the tour
NOT Included
Optional attractions
Vehicle model guarantee
Security deposit for LDW
Food and beverages
LDW Zero & insurance upgrades
Anything not listed in “Included” above



Day 1: Arrival Orlando, Florida

Once all tour participants have arrived, we gather for a warm welcome and introductions, accompanied by refreshing beverages. The evening’s agenda revolves around getting to know one another better, fostering camaraderie, and creating lasting memories. For those interested, we offer the option to join us for a delightful dinner in true American style, conveniently located on International Drive. It’s an opportunity to immerse ourselves in the local culture and cuisine while bonding with fellow travelers. Whether you choose to dine with us or simply enjoy the company, this evening sets the stage for an unforgettable journey ahead.


Day 2: Orlando - Daytona Beach

(Driving day 1: 172 km/107 miles)

Our day kicks off with an informative meeting, where all tour participants and tour leaders are introduced. We delve into details about the upcoming Biketoberfest & Best of Florida tour, covering essential information, safety protocols, and logistics regarding motorcycle and car rentals. Ensuring everyone is well-prepared for the journey ahead, we equip ourselves with the necessary knowledge about tour specifics, traffic regulations, and safety guidelines.

Following the meeting, we set out to collect our bikes, each a late-model version of the chosen make. Fully equipped and insured, our bikes await, ready to embark on the 1,830 km-long adventure. Leaving Orlando behind, we venture eastward at a leisurely pace. We ease into the driving conditions and acclimate to the surroundings.

Our first destination of the day is the legendary Sopotnick’s Cabbage Patch Bar, a renowned hotspot during Biketoberfest. The event also features bike shows and ample opportunities for shopping and entertainment.

Continuing our journey, we make our way to Bruce Ross Meyer, the world’s largest Harley Davidson dealer, boasting an impressive showroom spanning 109,000 sq. ft. Amidst this motorcycling haven, we indulge in a satisfying lunch and soak in the electrifying ambiance. Later, we navigate downtown Daytona Beach, cruising along the iconic Main Street and capturing memorable moments beneath the famed Daytona “Biker” Beach sign.


Day 3: Daytona Biketoberfest

(Explorer & Fun day)

Make the most of your day at the renowned Biketoberfest by immersing yourself in the array of events and exhibits at International Speedway and Destination Daytona.

Kick off your day by embarking on the famous “Ormond Scenic Loop & Trail,” a picturesque 50 km double loop showcasing some of Northeast Florida’s most breathtaking and diverse scenery. After taking in the stunning landscapes, make your way to Bruce Ross Meyer, the world’s largest Harley Davidson dealer, boasting an expansive showroom spanning 109,000 sq. ft.

On your return journey to Main Street, be sure to make a stop at the iconic Iron Horse Saloon, where you can relish the vibrant atmosphere and connect with fellow bikers. Then, cruise along International Speedway and downtown Daytona Beach, immersing yourself in the legendary Main Street experience alongside thousands of other bikers.


Day 4: Daytona Beach - Vero Beach

(Driving day 2: 254 km/159 miles)

Leaving behind the vibrant atmosphere of Daytona Beach and the world-renowned “mini” motorcycle event, we embark on our exciting Florida adventure.

Our journey southward begins on Hwy 1, tracing the legendary coastal highway A1A. As we wind our way along the spectacular coastline, the ocean vistas unfold before us, creating a mesmerizing backdrop for our drive. Our first stop along this scenic route is Cape Canaveral, home to the renowned Kennedy Space Center, a pivotal hub in the realm of space exploration. Passing by this iconic landmark, we’re reminded of humanity’s remarkable achievements in space science.

Continuing our breathtaking coastal drive, we journey onward to Vero Beach, where we’ll spend the night. Nestled along the pristine shores, Vero Beach offers a serene retreat amidst its natural beauty, providing the perfect setting to unwind and reflect on the adventures that lie ahead.


Day 5: Vero Beach - Miami Beach

(Driving day 3: 303 km/190 miles)

Prepare for a full day of scenic driving along the captivating Coastal Highway A1A. Our journey takes us through West Palm Beach and onward to Fort Lauderdale, often referred to as America’s answer to Venice due to its abundance of marinas and boats. This vibrant city is a bustling hub of entertainment, boasting sprawling resorts and lively festivities.

Take a moment to relax on the stunning beaches before we continue our expedition to Miami. Miami, renowned for its cultural diversity and vibrant atmosphere, has served as the backdrop for numerous film and television productions. Our destination for the night is the famed South Beach, where we’ll immerse ourselves in the electric energy of this dynamic city. Enjoy the renowned nightlife, soak up the tropical ambiance, and indulge in the excitement of South Beach, Miami.


Day 6: Miami Beach - Key West

(Driving day 4: 271 km/172 miles)

Today promises a unique and unforgettable driving experience as we embark on the iconic “Overseas Highway 1.” This scenic route spans over 42 bridges, traversing a series of tropical islands within the Florida Keys. Along the way, we’ll pass through renowned destinations such as Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon, and Big Pine Key, before reaching our ultimate destination: Key West, the southernmost point of the United States. Just 140 miles from Cuba, Key West spans 6.4 km and is known by its original Spanish name, Cayo Hueso.

Upon our early arrival in Key West, we’ll take the opportunity to indulge in a leisurely lunch and soak up the local atmosphere. Following this, we’ll check into our hotel before immersing ourselves in the vibrant energy of Duval Street, renowned for its bustling nightlife and eclectic charm.

As evening descends, we’ll gather for dinner and drinks at Sloppy Joe’s, one of America’s most renowned bars, where we’ll toast to the adventures of the day and the memories made along the journey.


Day 7: Key West

(Explorer & Fun day)

Enjoy your time exploring the vibrant island of Key West! Originally a bustling trading post, Key West’s history is intertwined with its maritime heritage, including its role in shipwreck salvaging. The town’s residents were renowned for their efforts in rescuing sailors and cargo from ships wrecked on the treacherous reefs surrounding the island.

Today, Key West stands as the crown jewel of the Florida Keys celebrated for its rich history, diverse culture, and laid-back atmosphere. Take a moment to capture a photo at the iconic marker designating “America’s Southernmost Point.” There are countless opportunities to make the most of your day, whether it’s sailing the azure waters, indulging in deep-sea fishing, or exploring landmarks such as Ernest Hemingway’s home, the Key West Lighthouse, or the island’s many museums and beaches. Embrace the carefree spirit of Key West and create lasting memories amidst its tropical paradise.


Day 8: Key West - Naples

(Driving day 5: 399 km/249 miles)

Get ready for another incredible day of adventure! We’ll kick things off by traversing the breathtaking Overseas Highway 1, offering unparalleled views of the Atlantic as we journey back to the mainland. From there, we’ll embark on the renowned Tamiami Trail, leading us through the iconic Everglades, where encounters with alligators, crocodiles, and snakes await.

The Everglades, a national park and UNESCO World Heritage Site spans an impressive 6,104 square kilometers, with the park encompassing approximately 20% of the original wetland. Renowned for its diverse array of rare plants and animals, including the iconic alligators, we’ll have the opportunity to observe these fascinating creatures up close during an exhilarating airboat ride through the marshes.

After our thrilling adventure, we’ll refuel at a local restaurant, where you can even savor authentic alligator meat if you dare. Continuing along the Tamiami Trail, we’ll be treated to awe-inspiring scenery, but be sure to keep an eye out for alligators along the roadside! Our journey concludes in Naples, our final destination for the day. Avoid making any undesignated stops in this area due to the high risk of encountering alligators.


Day 9: Naples - Clearwater

(Driving day 8: 271 km/170 miles)

Get ready for an exhilarating day of exploration along Florida’s stunning west coast! Our journey kicks off as we make our way to Fort Myers, known as “The City of Palms,” where we’ll be treated to palm-lined streets and charming scenery. Our next stop is the Muscle Car Museum, a haven for classic car enthusiasts, showcasing a vast collection of iconic muscle cars that have left an indelible mark on automotive history.

Continuing our adventure, we’ll journey to St. Petersburg, characterized by its remarkable entrance featuring expansive bridges and breathtaking vistas. Here, we’ll indulge in a delightful lunch by the harbor, soaking in the lively atmosphere and scenic views. Our northward drive takes us through a series of quaint coastal towns, each brimming with charm and character before we reach our final destination of Clearwater.


Day 10: Clearwater - Orlando

(Driving day 9: 198 km/123 miles)

As we near the conclusion of our unforgettable Florida adventure, we embark on our final day on the road with another enjoyable ride along scenic coastal roads, making our way to Orlando. Upon reaching our destination, we’ll return our vehicles and check into our hotel conveniently situated on International Drive.

Located in the heart of all the action and close to various attractions, our hotel offers the perfect base for our last night together. In the evening, we gather for a farewell dinner, reminiscing about the incredible experiences and memories we’ve shared throughout our journey.


Day 11: Departure - Home Travel

We bid farewell to the Biketoberfest & Best of Florida tour as we prepare to return home. Our group will travel together by shuttle to the airport, where we’ll part ways after sharing many memorable moments and experiences.

Please note: Due to time differences, travelers from Europe will arrive home on the date/day after departing the US.

Additionally, while this program serves as a guideline for activities and experiences on the tour, deviations may occur. Rest assured, our positive tour leaders will make every effort to execute the program as described, striving to provide the best possible experience. We are continuously working to enhance our program, so you may encounter positive surprises along the way.

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