The allure of the River Road Loop

Riding River Road on a motorcycle is one of the most memorable experiences you’ll have in your life

Imagine riding along a road that coils along the curvy bends of the Mississippi River. With the lush landscapes around you, you get to experience cruising down the River Road Loop (Louisiana Highway 18), an adventure that lets you taste the spirit of Louisiana and the American South.

The road traces the Mississippi River, giving panoramic views of the water. Whether it’s the sunrise glinting off the river or the moon’s reflection, every mile feels like a work of art. As you pass the stately mansions with their elaborate iron gates, it’s easy to feel transported back in time too. Historic estates like Oak Alley Plantation and Laura Plantation offer you a chance to see some antebellum architecture. These homes stand as monuments to Louisiana’s complex past, and lend some grandeur to your journey!

Important part of U.S. history

Janet H. from Norman, Oklahoma, agrees with visiting the plantations while on the River Road, “I think it’s important to take the drive and visit plantations. We revisited Whitney Plantation, and it was not only educational but a reminder of the horror of slavery. A very important part of U.S. history.”

But the beauty of a motorcycle trip isn’t just in the scenery, it’s also in the people you meet along the way. The River Road Loop offers the quintessential Southern hospitality that Louisiana is famous for. Whether it’s a warm greeting at a local café or an invitation to a roadside crawfish boil, the people here will make you feel very welcome.

Stop into one of the many charming towns along the route for an authentic Cajun or Creole meal! In fact, Louisiana’s blend of cultures is evident all along the River Road Loop. From the bluesy rhythms playing from an old juke joint to the spiciness of gumbo cooking in a roadside eatery, it’s a place where French, Spanish, and African heritages come together.

Challenge your riding skills

But when you’re full up and have seen all the sights, as a motorcycle enthusiast, you’ll know the joy of the ride is on the road itself. River Road has a blend of straight stretches where you can let your bike roar to its heart’s content, as well as winding sections that challenge your riding skills. The route is well-maintained which ensures a smooth, comfortable ride.

And don’t forget to take some snaps along the way. Whether you’re a serious shutterbug or just want to capture memories on your smartphone, the River Road Loop is filled with photo ops. Take a snapshot of the sun setting behind a historic plantation, capture the greenery of a sugarcane field, or snap a quick selfie with new friends. Every picture will serve as a memory of your epic ride.

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