Royal Enfield Motorcycle Rentals: 5 Reasons Why You Should Try Them?

Royal Enfield’s first bike was introduced back in 1901, at the Stanley Cycle Show in London. Today, close to 125 years later, Royal Enfield is one of the oldest surviving motor brands in the world and one of the most popular motorcycles in India.

With close to a million motorcycles currently sold worldwide, it wasn’t until 2015 that the company finally decided to expand its operations to North America; establishing the Royal Enfield North America brand and opening its first direct distribution subsidiary outside of India in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

While sales were slow, to begin with, Royal Enfield motorcycles have been growing in popularity in recent years as these affordable and highly durable bikes have made a name for themselves for their dependability and old-school style in the American market.

So, if you are wondering whether to buy or rent a Royal Enfield motorcycle for your next trail-blazing adventure you have come to the right place. In this article, we will talk about why you should try Royal Enfield motorcycle rentals and how these bikes stack up against the rest of the competition. 

5 Reasons Why You Should Try Royal Enfield Motorcycle Rentals

With American brands such as Harley Davidson, Indian Motorcycle, and Triumph why would you consider a Royal Enfield for your next riding experience? 

Here are five excellent reasons why:

Heritage & History

Royal Enfield is a British motorcycle brand but all of its bikes have been manufactured in India since 1955. Moving operations to India was a strategic move by the company and as a result, Royal Enfield motorcycles are now also sold in over 50 countries around the world. 

The original “Bullet” model of the brand also holds the title of having the longest production of all time which is a testament to the brand’s pedigree, reputation, and heritage. 

Just like Harley Davidson and other popular motorcycle manufacturers, Royal Enfield users swear by the brand and have a deep appreciation for its classic looks and old-school vibes.

Affordable & Easy To Repair

Renting a Royal Enfield motorcycle would be cheaper than renting a Harley Davidson, BMW, Indian, or even a Honda. This is because RE motorcycles are a lot cheaper than bigger American motorcycles as they have smaller engines, smaller tires, and fewer features.

Unlike the grand tourers that we are all used to in America, Royal Enfields are a lot more petite while still pulling off that big bike feel, especially when riding. 

They may not be as fast, well-equipped, or as comfortable as larger Harleys or Indians but are a lot more affordable, easier to repair, and easier to live with on a day-to-day basis.

All of this means that they are also cheaper to buy, cheaper to rent, and cheaper to insure.  

Superb Handling & Ride Quality

Riding grand touring class motorcycles can be intimidating as they are large, heavy, and difficult to balance, control, and handle when not cruising on the highway. 

So, if you are not a big bike user but want something that feels like a big bike and doesn’t sway around at high speeds renting a Royal Enfield makes a lot of sense. These motorcycles are just as suited to city cruising as they are on the highway or when driving along bumpy back roads. 

Models such as the Super Meteor 650 and the Continental GT 650 are perfect for cruising the streets of America’s biggest cities all while looking incredibly cool. The lighter weight of these motorcycles makes them a lot easier to handle and with its comfortable low-slung leather-bound seating and a soft suspension, Royal Enfield motorcycles simply glide along the open road.

The Himalayan is also an excellent off-road bike that is perfect for off-the-beaten-path adventures as it can handle any terrain and is built to be incredibly rugged and dependable.

Makes An Incredible Sound

Motorcycle enthusiasts can hear a Royal Enfield from a mile away thanks to its distinctive and legendary engine thump and exhaust sound that for many is music for the soul.

The incredible sound of the Interceptor 650, for example, just adds to the entire riding experience and is almost addictive to the point where you simply don’t want to stop riding! 

Lots of Torque!

Royal Enfield motorcycles are renowned for their high-capacity low output motors that offer plenty of low and high-end torque that make them a rider’s delight. The torque engine is also built to take a beating allowing you to confidently take on any terrain. 


Q) How much cheaper is renting a Royal Enfield compared to a Harley Davidson?

While rental prices can vary depending on where you are, if you have an option to rent a Royal Enfield it will be considerably less than renting even a basic model Harley Davidson. You will also get a smaller engine with a RE that will be better for fuel economy helping you save cost there as well.

Q) What do you need to rent a Royal Enfield motorcycle in America?

To rent any bike in America you need to be 21 years of age or older, have a valid driving license, and have motorcycle insurance.

Renting A Royal Enfield For Your Next Motorcycle Trip!

Whether you are looking to rent a motorcycle to take to a rally or event, or are simply looking for something affordable to ride on over the weekend, you simply can’t go wrong with a classic Royal Enfield.

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