Ormond Scenic Loop and Trail

Experience diverse natural scenery and many cultural gems on a ride along the Ormond Scenic Loop and Trail

Ormond Scenic Loop and Trail has long been a favorite of motorcyclists, with over 30 miles of roadways traversing some of the most beautiful and diverse natural scenery in coastal central Florida. It truly is one-of-a-kind.

As Bonnie Gross, journalist and co-founder of Florida Rambler, a website about things to do outdoors in Florida, says, “Roads generally take you places, but this one takes you someplace extraordinary: into the past.”

Bonnie says she had the pleasure of experiencing the Ormond Scenic Loop and Trail in a motorcycle sidecar during Daytona Bike Week a few years ago. She said of her experience, “It’s a two-lane road and is just the place for motorcycles. The loop takes you through roads where live oak trees form cathedral ceilings, along waterways and creeks full of native birds and along the Atlantic Ocean, with spectacular beach and dune views. There are historic sites, hiking trails, parks, beaches and unspoiled scenery the whole way. 

Old Florida

“It doesn’t take long to make the drive, but you can easily spend all day at it if you stop along the way — and you should. With its minimal commercial development and many historic sites, it’s a day in ‘Old Florida’.”

Part of the Ormond Scenic Loop and Trail is along A1A Scenic Byway. And at one stage, you’ll be riding in the open, breezing along the Atlantic coastline and taking in the breathtaking views of the ocean, vistas of pristine beaches, crashing waves, and dunes.

Then, all of a sudden, you’ll be riding through a shaded oak tree-lined road, known as the Old Dixie Highway. Riding beneath the lush tree canopies creates a sense of intimacy, offering a respite from the sun and a feeling of being surrounded by nature, enhancing the overall enjoyment of the ride. You’ll also ride by creeks, marshes and estuaries. Keep an eye out for opportunities to spot various species of birds, including bald eagles, ospreys, and herons. You may also encounter gopher tortoises and manatees in nearby waterways, and even dolphins frolicking in the ocean!


You’ll experience diverse landscapes on this adventure, with the opportunity to witness the natural beauty of Florida’s ecosystems and appreciate the rich biodiversity that exists within them. The loop creates a total sense of calmness, with minimal traffic in your way.

The Ormond Scenic Loop and Trail is well-maintained and is filled with diverse natural beauty. But what’s also persevered along the loop is its history and cultural heritage. There are a number of historic sites worth stopping off the motorbike to go explore. It’s like a step back in time.

For example, there’s the Castments, which was the winter residence of American oil magnate and once the world’s richest man, John D. Rockefeller. There’s the World War II submarine watchtower at 2269 Ocean Shore Boulevard, which was built in 1942. It is believed to be one of only three World War II towers still standing in Florida.   

The museum

Then there’s the Ormond Beach Historical Society and Museum, where you can discover the rich history of Ormond Beach, and Bulow Creek State Park. Bulow State Park is home to the Fairchild Oak, one of the oldest living oak trees in Florida which has resided over hurricanes, floods and more! Riding through these historic areas can add meaningfulness and interest to your motorcycle journey.

Along the loop, there are also many opportunities to visit recreational areas such as North Peninsula State Park, Tomoka State Park, and the Ormond Beach Scenic Loop Park. You can go fishing, hiking or have a picnic. Ormond Beach itself has plenty of shopping, cultural and dining options. Park up the motorcycle, stretch your legs and immerse yourself in the beautiful surroundings.

There are few motorcycle trips more stunning than along the Ormond Beach Scenic Loop and Trail. Circling two rivers, dunes, state parks, diverse landscapes, wildlife encounters, historic sites and, of course, many of Florida’s beaches, the Ormond Scenic Loop and Trail is an opportunity to connect with nature and explore the region’s cultural heritage, all while enjoying an invigorating motorcycle ride.

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