How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Motorcycle? Here Are Some Of The Best Deals

A person could look to rent a motorcycle for many different reasons. It could be because their bike is being repaired and a replacement ride is required or because renting a bike rather than owning one makes a lot more sense for their lifestyle. 

Tourists also prefer to rent motorcycles instead of cars when exploring new places for a variety of reasons, some of which we’ll go over in just a bit. 

Some people also rent a bike to test out a specific model to get a sense of how it feels before buying one for themselves.

Regardless of the reason, if you’re looking into how much it costs to rent a motorcycle, then you have come to the right place. 

In fact, we’ll tell you why renting a motorcycle might be better than renting a car, along with giving you the basic costs and other helpful tips for you to keep in mind.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent & Ride A Motorcycle?

Rental and other costs depend heavily on the type of bike you want. The bigger the bike, the more expensive the rental is likely to be.

To give you an idea, if you’re looking to rent something like a Kawasaki Vulcan or a Royal Enfield Interceptor, then you’re looking at a daily rental cost of approximately $60. If you go for something a bit bigger, like the Indian Scout, then it’ll cost you approximately $110 per day. However, if you’re looking for something special, like a Harley Davidson, then prices start at $140/day.

Apart from the cost of rental you also need to account for fuel. Fuel costs will depend on your total mileage and the fuel efficiency of the rented motorcycle. 

For example, a Harley Davidson Road King has a tank capacity of almost 6 gallons and will give you about 150 miles. In contrast, a Kawasaki Vulcan has a tank capacity of 3.6 gallons but you can easily cover more than 150 miles thanks to a less powerful and thirsty engine.

Other costs will also include insurance, and the rental of accessories such as helmets, gloves, and jackets in case you didn’t bring your own.

How To Get The Best Deal When Renting Motorcycles?

To get the best deal when renting motorcycles, you need to first do your research by comparing options between different vendors. 

Price of course is the first thing you would check for but you also need to look at other factors such as the variety of motorcycles on offer, how old and worn out the motorcycles are, and the number of locations where you can pick up and drop off your rented motorcycle. This can be especially useful for those planning a one-way trip.

Also, make sure to look at the reputation of the rental company by reading up on reviews and testimonials. Inquire about any hidden costs and fees as well as the amount of security deposit they will be charging on your card (if any). 

By taking your time and shopping around you are bound to find a motorcycle rental shop that scores well in all of these factors, helping you land a great deal.

Which Motorcycle Should You Rent?

It all depends on what you’re looking for. If you just need a replacement motorcycle while your own is in the shop for repairs, then invest in something economical like a Kawasaki Vulcan. You’ll be paying low rental costs and have better fuel economy as well.

However, if you’re looking for an experience because you’re a tourist or are looking for a grand tourer that is more comfortable and better suited for longer journeys then consider something a bit more luxurious, like a Harley Davidson or BMW.

Where To Rent Motorcycles From?

With motorcycle culture being as prominent as it is in North America, almost every major city has places where you can rent motorcycles. 

Manufacturers like Harley Davidson also maintain a directory of rental vendors across the country which you can use to locate a vendor that is nearest to you.

There are also plenty of private companies such as Explorify that offer a range of motorcycles for rental that can be booked online and picked up and dropped off at different locations. 

With all the prices and terms listed in front of you, the entire process of renting a motorcycle is incredibly convenient and quick.

Why Renting A Motorcycle Is Better Than Renting A Car

For many explorers, motorcycles offer a level of freedom and thrill that you just can’t get with a car. 

Some motorcycles, like the Harley Davidson Pan America, can comfortably traverse across both tarmac and off-road tracks, allowing you to explore less-visited spots while being exposed to the elements and the open sky at all times.

Many would argue that a motorcycle does not offer the same level of practicality that a car does in terms of safety, luggage space, comfort, etc. However, for a solo traveler, a decent-sized motorcycle will have ample luggage space and be just as comfortable and safe for longer journeys.

Finally, there is the cost factor. You’re going to spend a lot more money if you’re renting a car, than you would a motorcycle. Even if the rental costs are about the same, the cost of fuel and insurance will be significantly lower than that of renting a car making renting motorcycles by far the more affordable choice.

Top Tips When It Comes To Renting Motorcycles

If you’re still a beginner at riding motorcycles, then you don’t have any business renting one. Motorcycles can be thrilling and exciting, but they come with their own risks and even the most experienced riders take the utmost precaution before they start their motorcycle and ride off.

If you are a  beginner but adamant about exploring on a motorcycle choose to take a guided tour, which can help reduce riding risks as there is strength in numbers!

Another top tip is to always take your motorcycle on a test drive before you set off on your journey. This will allow you to get a feel for the bike and make sure everything is in working order.

Lastly, always read the terms and conditions of your rental agreement carefully. If there is anything you don’t quite understand or agree with, always ask for clarification. 

Explorify – The Best Deals For Motorcycle Rentals In North America

With a wide selection of new and well-maintained motorcycles and options for both guided and self-drive tours, your ideal motorcycle vendor has to be Explorify!

With brands like Harley Davidson, Indian, BMW, and Hondas available at amazing rates and six different rental locations across America, you simply can’t go wrong with Explorify. 

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