Exploring the serene Manchac Swamp

Riding to the Manchac Swamp on a motorcycle offers a unique and thrilling experience. Here are some reasons why you should consider this ride

Just a 40-minute ride from New Orleans, the Manchac Swamp is one of the most beautiful waterways and landscapes in the state. Whether you choose to ride along scenic highways (such as U.S. Route 51) or take the backroads, you’ll be treated to captivating views of Louisiana’s countryside, marshes, and waterways. The roads leading to the Manchac Swamp can offer a mix of straight stretches, winding curves, and scenic bridges.

For a longer loop ride taking in Louisiana’s beauty, you could consider heading back to New Orleans from Manchac Swamp via Mandeville, and across the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway bridge. According to the Guinness Book of Records, this is the second-longest bridge over water in the world at 24 miles in length. 

Manchac Swamp Bridge

Or you could do the opposite and travel to Manchac Swamp via the Mandeville route. Motorcyclist Rex D. Putnam of Bronson, Missouri, said, “Manchac Swamp is located a short distance from Mandeville; a very enjoyable motorcycle ride by the Highway 22 that passes through Madisonville and Ponchatoula before connecting to I-55. As you head south on I-55 you pass along Manchac Swamp Bridge which is also one of the world’s third longest bridges (a mere 1,800 and some feet less than the Pontchartrain Causeway).

“The Manchac Swamp separates Lake Pontchartrain from Lake Maurepas (although the lakes are interconnected via the Manchac Pass). And for most of its length, the bridge parallels a two-lane highway which is built over the marshy swamp lands.”

Natural wonderland

Teeming with wildlife and lush vegetation, the Manchac Swamp is a natural wonderland and you’ll inhale, see and hear the natural environment of the swamp, as the breeze gently hits your face. Riding through the swamp, you’ll experience a sense of tranquillity as you pass by Spanish moss-draped trees and floating aquatic plants. 

It’s a chance to explore the wildlife outside of the wild city! You might even spot alligators (be alert and careful), snakes and turtles within their natural habitat, and colorful birds flying overhead. Capture photos of the stunning landscapes, the wildlife in action, and the unique atmosphere of the swamp.     

The Manchac Swamp is a nature lover’s paradise, and upon reaching the Manchac Swamp, you can take a guided swamp tour to delve deeper into this fascinating ecosystem. Park up your motorbike and join a guided tour, which typically involves boat rides, to explore the waterways, marshes, and cypress swamps. 


Not only is the Manchac Swamp one of the most beautiful places in the state, but did you know it is also one of the most haunted swamps in Louisiana? Yes, it is said to be haunted by Julia Brown, a local voodoo priestess who lived at the edge of the swamp, in the small town of Frenier. 

Brown was believed to have said, “One day I’m going to die and take the whole town with me.”

In 1915, a hurricane swept through the town, killing 50 people including Brown, and many believe the storm to have been caused by Brown and her curse. But don’t let that put you off, as nobody has appeared to come across Brown’s ghostly presence yet! But the legend of Brown has become the area’s most popular ghost story and even attracted paranormal shows. 

The Manchac Swamp has been an important part of the region’s history and folklore, with tales of pirates, ghost stories, and Cajun traditions. Exploring the swamp allows you to connect with this rich cultural heritage and gain a deeper understanding of Louisiana’s unique identity.    

Riding to the Manchac Swamp on a motorcycle offers an exciting and immersive experience in Louisiana’s natural and cultural heritage. Combined with the serenity of the swamp will provide an unforgettable motorcycle journey and lasting memories! You could easily spend the whole day at Manchac Swamp, basking in its beauty.